What is no fee apt means?

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Many people who moved from other states may not have any idea of fee apartments as they have no concept of fee and no fee because all the apartments are no fee apt only so they get confused when they relocate to New York City when they find fee and no fee choice of apartments. If you are looking for a rental apartment anywhere in New York City through rental agencies they will charge you considerable fees. AIVs (Apartment Information Vendors) also charge some fee for helping out the apartment seeker.

These AIVs provides the apartment rental seekers with a list of available rental apartments, but most of the time these rental apartments information vendors get the information from the classified ads in local newspapers or from websites, and they charge around $150 per month for their service. Most of the information which was given by these information vendors may not be reliable as they try to cheat the innocent seekers and take money from them by giving false information.

To avoid these kind of cheater and be careful when you find these vendors so don’t just blindly trust the false information and get into big trouble. There are some agencies which are very reliable and well established like   nofeerental.com which was owned and operated by Jakobson Properties, LLC, and third generation family business. They are located in downtown Manhattan near New York University. These management company deals many no fee apt, they have thousand of apartments and you can find the best from those available apartments. These companies also have websites and the listings and the information is available in their websites, and the data is updated five days a week, and they indicate the date and time of the latest update at the top of the listings page. To get these information you can pay nothing, as this service is completely free and you can visit these sites as many time as you want to and get the latest information and available no fee apt listing every time you login into these sites.

So with this database facility these management companies are making people to find the best no fee apt with less effort and more reliable and trustworthy information they are providing. This is what no fee apt means.

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What is no fee apt means?

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What is no fee apt means?

This article was published on 2010/12/29